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Small photographer from the end of the world...

My name is Ivana, I am 31 years old and I do photography more than 15 years. I have photographed over one hunderd weddings. I learned how to take best memories of your day, but also how to help you and be your best friend during the day. I try to photograph natural and happy photos with an emphasis on authenticity.

I live in a small village in the south part of Czechia, but travelling is my passion so I can come to you to the moon. :)



"Since morning I knew that the photos in the fog will be fantastic. Especially the photos took by you. The photos catch the emotions and watching them make me cry everytime. It is like I was there again. Thank you as much as it is possible. You are master of your field. "


"Ivi, you gave us such wonderful photos. Each of them makes me cry evetime I see it. I have to watch them again and again. You are amazing!"


"Ivana, I already knew thet yout are the right one for us and that the photos will be perfect but that what we recieved. Perfection! I like your style as you change funny moments with traditional portraits. All thanks to you. you are wonderful!"


"We expected a lot but this. Absolutely top work! I don't understand how you could catch so many moments. It is like you were everywhere at everytime. We are such grateful to you."

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